Children and Parental Conflict


Learning how to handle the conflicts...


Cooperative Parenting is an innovative program that puts children first while creating promising solutions that focus on education and the prevention of parental conflict in situations of family separation.

Cooperative Parenting is a 16 hour program provided by E3 Family Solutions and is designed for parents in custody and/or visitation disputes.  The program helps parents learn how to deal with each other effectively to prevent their children from being caught in the middle of the disputes and reduce tensions between them for the benefit of their children.  Sessions are scheduled on an as needed basis and as conveniently as possible to enable parents to attend.

Shielding Children From Conflict


Family relationships do not disappear when a marriage or relationship ends. For the sake of their children, separated parents must continue to communicate with their co-parentin matters of child-rearing. The ability of parents to interact with each other greatly affects the child's adjustment to parental separation. Unrelenting parental conflict is the single most common cause of poor adjustment in children following a separation. Cooperative Parenting is designed to improve the quality of the co-parent relationship in situations of child custody and/or visitation disputes. The overall emphasis to give children the opportunity to grow in a home environment free from being caught in the middle of parental conflict.  The Cooperative Parenting program has been well received by judges and juvenile courts throughout the nation since its introduction in 1995. 


The program is designed for parents demonstrating mild to moderate levels of parental conflict. It is facilitated by a trained parent educator.

•  Program components include a Leader’s Guide, Parent’s Guide and companion video•  Consists of 16 hours of classe time that E3 staff facilitates either privately with one family or on a group basis depending upon referrals and individual needs, incorporates skill development, group discussion, parent interaction and homework assignments.

 The goals of the program include:

•  Assisting parents in shifting their role from former spouses to co-parents•  Educating parents regarding the impact of parental conflict on their child’s development

•  Helping parents identify their contributions to conflict while increasing impulse control

•  Teaching parents anger management, communication and conflict resolution skills and children’s issues in divorce.


Cost:  $300 for the class and $25 for the workbook     Total Cost $325.00

Classes are held on an as needed basis.

Please call or email for class dates and locations  or 

For additional information contact: Linda Lewis at   352-874-5296


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