This chart shows the attitudinal shift from risky behaviors toward healthy choices.  This survey is administered prior to the start of the Equipping Youth program and again at the end of the 5-session program.  Students are encouraged to comment on the impact of the program and many confirm that their decision-making about these choices has been tremendously affected.


EQUIPPING YOUTH - A Solid Return On Investment

Huge Community Savings

Investing in the lives of teens by teaching them how to make healthy choices not only impacts their lives for better success and happiness but has a long-term effect on the economy of our community and nation.  The cost for treatment of STDs, healthcare for teen pregnancies, welfare for high school dropouts, treatment for victims of violence has sky-rocketed in the past decades.  Helping youth to avoid risky behaviors and make healthy choices greatly reduces the financial burden on our society..  

The numbers above were provided to E3 Family by an independent research company, Social Capital Valuations, based on the survey results of participating students in school year 2014-15.   For each student enrolled in the program enhances the benefits, the community will save as a result of students avoiding the consequences and subsequent costly intervention resulting from unhealthy choices.  Much of what we teach these students will not hear in any other place. 

Our vision is for life changing and sometimes life saving program to be offered to every middle and high school in Lake and Sumter Counties and beyond   You can be that difference in the life of a young person by supporting E3 Family Solutions.

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Below  are listed opportunities for you to invest in the lives of these teens while contributing to your community as well.

Opportunities for Investing and Expanding


Platinum Sponsor

$4,000 will allow E3 to provide the program to the entire freshman class in an additional high school in Lake and Sumter Counties.   

Gold Sponsor

 $2,500 means E3 can hire, train, and certify two additional classroom facilitators.  

Silver Sponsor

 $1,600 brings the Equipping Youth program to a local youth center, after  school program, summer camp or alternative school to reach even more teenagers.  

Bronze Sponsor

$400 investment will allow nearly an entire classroom of students students to participate in the entire Equipping program. 

Warrior Sponsor

$100 investment would cover the cost of sharing this life-impacting program with 4 more students.

Supporting Sponsor

$25 covers the cost of ONE student benefiting from our Equipping Youth program. 

E3 has been awarded a competitive grant from the Lake County Children's Services Council in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 for our work in risk avoidance in Lake County. E3 has been very successful in securing competitive grants but without individual donors like you, we would not be able to reach hundreds of middle and high school students in Lake and Sumter Counties.   

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Your support and contributions will enable us to change lives in Lake and Sumter county.  Your dollars can make a difference!

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Your support and contributions will enable us to take our message of healthy choices and life success to more students in Lake and Sumter counties. Read more below.

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