Mike's Story

(as told to Jen and Rex, Equipping Youth Facilitators)

"So I went to this party with my buddies but when they started drinking and partying, I kept thinking about what you said Monday about my choices and how they  could affect my future dreams. I couldn't get that phrase, "Every choice you make Now has a consequence later.  So  I asked  my buddies to leave and go home but they  said  no, they came to party. So me and this other guy left and went home.  When I got to school this morning, I found out those other guys got into a wreck and are in the hospital today. So I'm not kidding when I say - you may have saved my life."

Superintendent of Sumter County Schools

“E3 Family Solutions has been a game-changer for many students and parents and I am proud to endorse them and their good work. They provide a variety of programs for youth, parents, families and communities that makes a difference through goal setting, communication skills, risk avoidance, and other effective strategies that keeps children first and helps strengthen families, especially those most at risk. What’s not to like?” 

-- Richard Shirley , Superintendent of Sumter County Schools


 “As principal of Sumter Christian School, I cannot say enough good about the ABC for Teens program."

- Dr. Karen Lord

 (ABC for Teens is now called EY -Equipping Youth) 


“One question on my exam was  ‘What was the most effective thing you learned this 9 weeks?

​ 90% said ABC for Teens!”     -Audrey L South Lake High Teacher    

(ABC for Teens is now called EY -Equipping Youth)

 "The ABC for Teens team did an amazing job with the students.  They really enjoyed being involved in the games and this really made them retain the information.  I had the students write comments the week after the class and all their statements spoke directly to the purpose of the program. I truly feel that my students would be  missing out without your program.”   -Amy B   Villages Charter Middle Teacher

Student Comments after our EY Program

"Thank you for coming to our school." 

"Big Help to My Life and Actions."

"This class changed my life."

"The crisis line helped a lot - A LOT!"